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“The laid-off paper-mill worker who’s retraining at the age of 55 for a new career in a new industry — she needs a champion,” Mr. Obama said. “The restaurant owner who’s got great food but needs a loan to expand, and the bank has turned him down — he needs a champion. The cooks and the waiters and the cleaning staff working overtime at a Vegas hotel, trying to save enough to buy a first home or send their kid to college — they need a champion. The autoworker who got laid off, thought the plant was going to close and then got called back, and now is filled with pride and dignity, building a great car — he needs a champion.”

Mr. Obama said they are the kinds of people who don’t have lobbyists.

“And that’s why I need you — to make sure their voices are heard,” the president tells voters. “To make sure your voices are heard. We have come too far to turn back now.”