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While the cast may have been nervous to meet the actresses, Rigby had her own odd moment when she saw “Peter and the Starcatcher.” As the last scene unwound, she fished in her purse for her lipstick and put it on her lips.

“Then I realized that I just bought a black eyeliner pencil. So, in the dark, I’m actually putting black eyeliner all over my lips,” she said, laughing. “I’m thinking Black Stache has cursed me. I wiped it off with the inside of my sleeve and laughed at myself for being so silly.”

In the end, Chanler-Berat says he was deeply touched by meeting the other Peters. All three are very different people but they have something special in common.

“It’s funny, you’ve never met that person before but you know a great deal about that person,” he says. “That’s what it felt like. It felt like you all shared a secret that no one else has.”




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