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A woman contacted London’s Metropolitan Police to tell her that Savile touched her inappropriately in the 1970s, but she declined to press charges.

IN 2007:

Police in Surrey, in southern England, received an eyewitness report about the abuse of a girl at a children’s home in the 1970s. A further investigation turned up three alleged victims of Savile. The first was a fellow resident of the children’s home; the second was a girl who was allegedly assaulted at a specialist hospital in or around 1973; and the third was assaulted in southern England in 1970.

Although police questioned Savile, all three alleged victims declined to press charges and authorities dropped the case in 2009. In a statement published Thursday, chief British prosecutor Keir Starmer said there were “obvious problems” in pursuing a case where victims were reluctant to come forward, where there was no forensic evidence and where there was limited witness testimony, “particularly in relation to allegations which date back a number of years.”

IN 2008:

Savile’s name comes up during an investigation into abuse at a children’s home on the Channel Island of Jersey. The inquiry’s chief recently told the Guardian newspaper that “there definitely wasn’t enough to question him at the time.”

IN 2011:

Savile dies at age 84 on Oct. 29.

IN 2012:

Some 300 potential victims have come forward in the wake of the Savile revelations, according to police. Most of them say they were abused by the late BBC TV host, but some say they were abused by other people, Metropolitan Police said Friday. The force has refused to give a detailed breakdown.