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The army fought back and the coup failed.


Officials bow to protests against factory

NINGBO — After a weekend of protests by thousands of citizens over pollution fears, a local Chinese government relented Sunday and agreed that a petrochemical factory would not be expanded, yet the protesters refused to halt their demonstration.

The standoff in the prosperous city of Ningbo has highlighted the deep mistrust between people and the government in China.

If they continue, the demonstrations would upset an atmosphere of calm that Chinese leaders want for a transfer of power in the Communist Party leadership next month.

The protest in the eastern city, at a sensitive time in China’s political calendar, swelled over the weekend and led to clashes between citizens and police.

The Ningbo city government said in a statement Sunday evening that they and the project’s investor had “resolutely” agreed not to go ahead with the expansion.

The factory is a subsidiary of Sinopec, one of the biggest petrochemical companies in the world.

Outside the government offices where crowds of protesters remained, an official tried to read the statement on a loudspeaker but was drowned out by shouts demanding that the mayor step down.

On the third attempt, the crowd briefly cheered but then turned back to demanding that authorities release protesters being held inside.


Iraqis search Iranian plane bound for Syria

BAGHDAD — Iraqi authorities forced an Iranian cargo plane heading to Syria to land for inspection in Baghdad to ensure it was not carrying weapons, an Iraqi official said Sunday.

It was the second such forced landing this month. The plane was released after the check.

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