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Sean Penn: Bolivia asks actor for a little help

- Associated Press - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — It's not clear whether actor Sean Penn knew ahead of his visit to Bolivia of the missions he would be asked to assume by President Evo Morales.

Cabinet chief Juan Ramon Quintana told reporters after Tuesday's meeting that Mr. Morales asked the Oscar-winning actor to defend the chewing of coca leaf before the United Nations, lobby Chile to restore Bolivia's long-lost access to the Pacific Ocean and help persuade the United States to extradite a former Bolivian president.

Mr. Penn is already a good-will ambassador for Haiti, where he has won respect for his post-earthquake charity work.

Asked by reporters about the missions he had been asked to assume, Mr. Penn answered curtly, "I am ambassador of Haiti."

Mr. Penn later showed up for the start of a soccer match with Mr. Morales.

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