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Wait a minute. Would that be McCartney? (Yes). Does that mean Linda McCartney, whose photo of Young is on the book’s back cover, had a pre-Paul romance with Neil? (No).

His editor would occasionally probe Young to reveal more details. Often he’d just say no.

Young said he doesn’t read reviews of his music, but he did sneak some peeks at book reviews. They’re mixed: Entertainment Weekly called it a “jumbled, slightly surreal narrative that struggles with momentum.” The Wall Street Journal called it terrific, “modest, honest, funny and frequently moving.”

Young has already written part of a sequel, which he said started out to be about cars and dogs but now is largely about record players. He’s not leaving music behind, though. There’s a tour with Crazy Horse this fall.

“When music is finished with me, I’ll be OK,” he said. “Right now I still do it because it seems natural. If it ever comes to the point where I can’t do it justice, when I’m not doing my best, then I’ll stop.”




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