- - Wednesday, September 12, 2012


GOMA — Local authorities in eastern Congo said that the population’s lack of information on Ebola and the traditional practice of washing corpses before funerals are helping the epidemic to spread.

Fifteen people have died in the current outbreak, which started in mid-August. It started in the village of Isiro and now has spread to Viadana.

Medical experts say increased education is needed to encourage people to use extreme caution when washing the bodies of Ebola victims before burial. The disease is spread by contamination from body fluids, including sweat.

Although this is the ninth Ebola epidemic in Congo, it is the first one in the Haut-Uele territory, in northeastern Congo. Ebola has no cure and is deadly in 40 percent to 90 percent of cases.

The disease causes severe internal bleeding.


Blasts at home of new president

MOGADISHU — A police official said two explosions near the gate of the temporary home of Somalia’s new president killed at least three soldiers.

Police Cpl. Yusuf Ali said Wednesday that he was guarding the Somalia immigration department near the Jazeera Hotel when the blasts occurred.

An official inside Jazeera Hotel, who asked for anonymity, said President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was safe.

Mr. Mohamud was elected Monday, beating Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, who was seeking re-election after leading a transitional government for three years.

Mr. Mohamud is expected to form a fully functioning government for Somalia, which has not had one since 1991 when a longtime dictator was overthrown.

Al-Shabab, a radical Islamist militia that is waging an insurgency against the Somali government, opposed Mr. Mohamud’s election, saying it had been manipulated by the West.


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