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Mr. Israel also pointed to two recent GOP snafus as further generating Democratic momentum: fallout from comments by Rep. W. Todd Akin, who is running for Senate in Missouri, regarding rape and abortion, and reports that surfaced last month that a freshman Republican member of the House from Kansas took a late-night nude swim in the Sea of Galilee during a 2011 trip to Israel.

But Mr. Wasserman says that while Mr. Ryan and the recent GOP embarrassments have provided a temporary boost for Democrats, they are only  “the political equivalent of a 5-Hour Energy shot — maybe a 10-hour shot — but not a vitamin B-12 shot or a magic elixir.”

“This is predictable cheerleading and Democrats are nowhere near where they need to be to pick up the House,” he said. “Voters are angry at both parties, and this makes it very difficult for parties to gain traction and credibility with voters.”