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Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan campaigned near Green Bay on Wednesday.

President Obama was last in Wisconsin in February. Mr. Romney’s most recent visit was in August.


Romneys to make appearance on ‘Live’ on Tuesday

NEW YORK — The Romneys are visiting Kelly and Michael.

Producers of “Live With Kelly and Michael” say Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and wife Ann will appear on the daytime talk show Tuesday.

The show announced Thursday that the Romneys will stop by the show’s New York studio to chat with Kelly Ripa and her new co-host, Michael Strahan, about life on the campaign trail.

It will be the Romneys’ first appearance on a daytime talk show during the 2012 campaign.


Romney close to receiving intelligence briefings

BOSTON — Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is expected to begin receiving regular intelligence briefings from the Obama administration in the coming days.

Senior aides report that the Romney campaign is nearing the conclusion of a required security clearance process. The former Massachusetts governor did not have to request the briefings. They are customary for major-party candidates after their nominating conventions.

With limited intelligence information, Mr. Romney struggled this week to respond in real time to a violent clash in Libya that left four Americans dead, including an ambassador. Before the deaths were confirmed, Mr. Romney mischaracterized the incident in his initial statement and accused President Obama of a “disgraceful” handling of violence.

Mr. Romney has been relying on his foreign policy advisers and published news reports to inform his positions on world affairs.


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