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“If your car doesn’t work around here, it is daunting,” said points leader Will Power. “He probably had a car that wasn’t right. I think there’s no shame at what he did at all considering some of the things that have happened to him, and I understand that when the car is not right, man, it is tough around this place.

“That’s how ovals are, you either hate them or when the car is great, then you love them, When the car is bad on an oval you don’t want to even be out there. That’s the reality of racing on ovals in these cars. It’s been made safer over the years, but it hurts when you hit. “

Conway indicated he was open in trying to continue his career in IndyCar, and team owner Chip Ganassi indicated there was a level of understanding in the paddock about Conway’s decision.

“These cars today, it seems to me they are a very temperamental animal to keep under control at some of these tracks. You can get in a car sometimes and scare yourself; some in the best in the business scare themselves,” Ganassi said. “You don’t want to see anybody stepping out of something they love, but I don’t think anybody has not expressed fear from time to time.

“That’s part and parcel of IndyCar racing. I just hope that Mike has the right group of people around him, I hope he was just having a bad day.”