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As he neared the two-thirds mark of his Emmy hosting marathon, Jimmy Kimmel hadn’t broken a sweat. Nor had he broken any records for laughter or hosting finesse.

Perhaps his most notable achievement was a prank: Inviting “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan to lie on the stage, then asking viewers to post on Facebook and tweet that Morgan “just passed out” and turn on ABC right now to see it. It worked, with the message going viral and maybe even boosting the Emmy audience for a few moments.

Otherwise, Kimmel keep the show moving, with a few forgettable jokes greasing the skids.

Oh yeah _ he offered up a parody of the “In Memoriam” fixture that’s a part of all awards shows. But this one was meant to salute someone still living, “to the life and work of someone everyone in this room admires, respects and loves.”

The person, of course, was Kimmel, who was displayed in slow-motion video clips while Josh Groban sang a sonorous song.

Too bad Kimmel’s best Emmycast moments were a practical joke and silly self-promotion.

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Damian Lewis was so over the moon at winning an Emmy that he says he’s thinking of having “Emmy Winner” tattooed on, well, somewhere on the back of his body.

“I’m overwhelmed that I am here!” said the winner of the best actor award for a drama series for “Homeland.”

When told backstage that he could have the trophy engraved with his name at the Governors Ball after the show, he contemplated complementing that with body art.

But first he had to sign for his award, and as he did couldn’t hold his hands still.

“It’s like my grandmother used to write _ all shaky,” he said.

“Just tell me what to do,” he continued. “I’m out of my mind.”

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