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His jokes weren’t standout, his comedy bits felt pedestrian. But Kimmel presided in professional style.

And he seemed to have fun _ especially when removing his parents from the auditorium.

He accused them of lying when they told him that if he tried hard enough he could accomplish anything he set his mind to_ even win an Emmy.

He didn’t win that Emmy on Sunday, so Mom and Dad had to go.

It may have been the funniest moment in the show.

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It wouldn’t be an awards show without an f-bomb.

Actually, it would be, but an f-bomb always adds spice, even when bleeped.

The man who did the honors at Sunday night’s Emmy show was Jon Stewart, excitedly accepting his 10th consecutive trophy for best variety series.

He began his acceptance speech by noting that “The Daily Show” deals in topical comedy, “which has the shelf life of egg salad.” He added that the Emmy does indicate “The Daily Show” has some value.

In some future age, he went on to say, holding his Emmy aloft, aliens arriving on Earth “will find a box of these.”

“And they will know how predictable these (bleeping) things are,” he added.

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