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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats’ billing for killing

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saddam Hussein was a sociopathic tyrant who personally murdered many of his own people. After he assumed power in Iraq, he told underlings one of his principles of government: "If there is a person, there is a problem. If there is no person, there is no problem." After a political rival was tortured and executed by Saddam's security thugs, Saddam would send an invoice to the executed person's family for the bullets used in the execution.

Today the Democrats tell us that an unborn child is not a person -- that there is no person in the womb. They have now gone further and, as President Obama did when he was an Illinois state senator, are advocating infanticide. If a baby is born alive after an abortion attempt, many Democrats do not want any measure taken to save the baby's life, since that might "burden" a woman's or teenage girl's "absolute right" to abortion. Now, Mr. Obama and many Democrats advocate in their party platform that taxpayers pay for everyone's abortions. This death-dealing is called health care.

What's the difference between Saddam Hussein's invoice for the bullets and the Democrats' billing us, the taxpayers, for abortions?


Rockport, Texas

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