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He also brought a basket of birthday gifts for the old lady in charge on the show. Because we men always know the hell to pay if you forget a birthday or anniversary.

And most cloying of all, he brought his wife along so he could display all of his best giggle and banter that makes him such a swell man around the house.

All this happy sofa banter is fine, except that into the vacuum of his Empty Chair Diplomacy, on full display down the street at the U.N., races an enemy hellbent on violent mayhem and quashing freedom.

What is particularly sick about watching him ham it up for female voters is that this particular breed of evil that he so cavalierly assuages has a special twist of hatred for women. It is women who bear the cruelest scars, blood and repression when America retreats and radical Islam surges in.

So, perhaps it is time Mr. Obama get back to focusing full-time on being a good husband around the house and remembering all the birthdays of the women in his life. Because being leader of the free world just isn’t his thing.

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