American Scene: This year’s flu vaccine guards against new strains


Time to get your flu vaccine. And remember: Last year’s shot won’t protect you this year.

Federal health authorities said Thursday that this year’s vaccine contains protection against two strains that have begun circling the globe. And just because flu was mild last winter, doesn’t mean it won’t bounce back with its usual ferocity this winter.

With 135 million doses expected, there’s plenty of vaccine to go around. The government says just 42 percent of Americans were immunized last year.


Mars rover Curiosity finds signs of ancient stream

LOS ANGELES — Scientists say NASA’s newest Mars rover has found signs that a stream once flowed across the surface near the place where it landed.

Curiosity touched down in a crater near the Martian equator last month. The Red Planet today is dusty and dry but scientists think it was once warmer and wetter.

Evidence of the ancient stream came from analyzing the size and shapes of pebbles and gravel near Gale Crater. Mission scientists said Thursday it appeared the water was fast-moving and deep.


$202 million Powerball ticket sold in suburban Des Moines

BONDURANT — A winning $202 million Powerball ticket was purchased at a convenience store in the suburban Des Moines city of Bondurant, but nobody had claimed it by midday Thursday.

The ticket is the second for a giant Powerball jackpot sold in Iowa this year.


Hunt is on for Va. man wanted in schools leader’s slaying

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