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Labor Party leader Diederik Samsom, whose criticism of the EU is more moderate, has now taken over from Mr. Roemer as the torchbearer for the left going into Wednesday’s vote.

There is nothing moderate about Mr. Wilders, who argues that Europe has turned into a costly charity project for his country. He says that wealthy northern European nations such as the Netherlands and Germany have spent billions bailing out debt-ridden governments in Greece and Portugal, which he casts as profligates beyond reform.

“The best days of the Netherlands are ahead of us if we no longer pay southern Europe, if we become a master of our own house, and are able to take our own decisions again,” he said during a high-profile televised debate at Amsterdam’s Theater Carre.

Polls have been fluctuating over the past months, and the latest indicate that Mr. Wilders could lose up to a fourth of the 24 seats he won at the last Dutch election in 2010. Mr. Rutte’s party tops polls, with Mr. Samsom’s Labor trailing close behind.