- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A couple of Texas criminals had the tables turned on them when a Texas man — taken as a hostage along with his wife and forced to rob a bank — decided he’d had enough and pulled a gun out of his glove box and shot them, killing one.

The suspects, Jordan Kutach, 20, and Preston Kutach, 21, had abducted the couple and forced them to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash from the bank, The Blaze reported. Police believe the woman was targeted because the suspects knew she worked at the First National bank of Eagle Lake in Columbus, Texas, the facility they robbed.

They then forced the man to drive them in his truck to a get-away point. But the husband surreptitiously reached into his glove box and pulled a gun. He killed one and critically injured the other, KHOU TV reported.

To many, it was justice served, Texas-style.

“It’s very positive to a community to hear that the good guy does win in the end,” one resident said, in The Blaze.

And another: “It’s a frightening thing to have happen, but I think everybody’s going to tell them good job.”

The names of the couple were not released. But the man is a reserve deputy officer, the local television station reported.



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