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Rain or shine, it was parade-goers’ last chance during the Carnival season, which ends with the stroke of midnight Tuesday night. After that, the solemn season of Lent replaces the revelry until Easter.

Frank Warford of Riverdale, Ga., was holding an umbrella Monday as he walked Bourbon Street. He said he was ready to party through the rain.

“This is a party city. Everybody’s partying and having fun, catching beads like crazy,” said Mr. Warford, his neck draped in beads. “If it rains, put a hat on. It’s as simple as that.”

Scattered showers didn’t keep revelers away Monday as thousands flocked to the French Quarter and along the Mississippi River for Lundi Gras festivities.

Many said they weren’t going to let a weekend shooting on Bourbon Street wreck the party.

On Saturday night, four people were injured on the city’s famed party street. One man has been arrested, and police said they have issued an arrest warrant for a second suspect. A third person who is believed to have critical information about the shooting is also being sought, police said.