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Henry Ramirez and Ester Galeas married alone, with only an interpreter to witness their union, but that was enough for the couple.

“We’re so excited,” said Mr. Ramirez, 38, who said he and Ms. Galeas, 29, had been planning their quiet wedding for a year. “We have good memories of Valentine's Day. And we won’t forget our anniversary.”

Michael Cantilo and Justine Caccamo won’t forget their anniversary date either, though they’re hoping to keep it a secret from their families for a bit longer.

The fellow Navy officers from the District settled for a courthouse ceremony, just the two of them and their officiant, to ensure the military would not split them up next year if Ms. Caccamo is reassigned to a new station for work.

“We’ll have a big ceremony next year,” Ms. Caccamo said.

She wore a short white dress, satin, sparkly heels and a white veil. Mr. Cantilo, 29, wore a black suit and white bow tie.

The two got engaged in Sicily, Italy, after an elaborate scheme concocted by Mr. Cantilo brought his soon-to-be fiancee to the appropriately named Caccamo Castle, along with an entire village eager to take part.

“We came [to the courthouse] in January,” Mr. Cantilo said, and they signed up for one of the remaining Feb. 14 slots.

For Mr. Lausterer and Mr. Jarvis, they said they’ll be spending the day touring the sites around the District.

Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex marriages, so the couple had to decide where they wanted their union, which will be recognized in the District and Maryland but not when they return to Pennsylvania.

“We’d been looking at different locations but decided to do it in the nation’s capital,” Mr. Lausterer said.

“You know that idea of love at first sight,” Mr. Jarvis said. “We met each other one time, and it’s been perfect ever since.”