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“My best recollection is Bubba being his normal self and throwing Paul under the bus,” Fowler said. “There are certain secrets Bubba can keep if they need to be kept secret. But if it’s something along the lines of a bet, and nothing that can hurt you too bad _ like a $10,000 ring _ that’s out the door.”

Watson found the palm and began making a scene, his voice getting louder as he pointed to the tree.

Tesori urged him to keep it down, which only egged on Watson, who continued to raise his voice and point to the palm. Tesori’s only hope was that his wife was far enough back in the crowd and couldn’t see _ or hear _ what Watson was doing. But when the caddie reached the green and looked to the left, he was doomed.

“I found my wife in the crowd,” he said. “She’s got her arms up in the air in a V formation, jumping up and down. And Bubba thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world.”

Tesori felt otherwise.

“His face … he looked like he was in shock,” Scott, the caddie, said.

In some respects, it was like the Old Testament story of Samson offering to buy linen garments and a set of clothes for his 30 wedding guests if they could solve his riddle. The guests pressured his wife to get the answer, and they solved it on the last night of the wedding feast. Samson was so angry he killed 30 men and took their garments to pay off the bet.

This was just a ring.

And the man who ruined it all was the first to come to the rescue.

“I said, `Hey, you lost. You better go down there and hug it,’” Watson said he told Tesori, meaning the tree. “He was mad. He said, `Why would you do that?’ So I told him, `Hey, if I win this week, I’ll buy it.’ Webb said he’d do it and Rickie said he’d do it, too. And then we totally forgot about it.”

Tesori was thrilled for Watson when the Masters ended that night _ and so was his wife.

“She said I should send him a text,” Tesori said. “I said, no, I don’t want to do that. He’s not going to remember, and I would never even bring it up. I’m rooting for Bubba because he’s a friend of mine.”

The next morning, he received a direct message on Twitter from Scott, who was with Watson during the hours after his Masters win. He told him about Watson’s reaction that Sunday night when he remembered the ring.

“The look on Bubba’s face was about the same look as Paul’s face when she saw the tree,” Scott said.

Watson never thought twice about his end of the bargain.

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