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Illinois Dems push through bill banning guns on public buses, trains

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A federal appeals court may have ordered Illinois politicos to pass a concealed-carry gun law by June, but that hasn't stopped Democrats from passing as many accompanying laws as possible that, in effect, moot the federal order.

Before the order, Illinois was the only state in the nation that didn't have some sort of law recognizing the right to conceal and carry guns.

On Tuesday, the Democratic majority in the state House passed a bill to ban guns in schools and casinos and on public transportation systems, according to Chicago media. Republicans, meanwhile, accused the Democrats of trying a piecemeal approach to circumvent federal law and legislate against concealed carry in as many specific locations as possible.

"This is a political stunt," said state Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti, a Republican, the Chicago Tribune reported. "It demeans the process."

State Rep. Deborah Mell, Chicago Republican, introduced the bill, which would, in part, prohibit anyone with a concealed-carry permit from taking weapons on public trains and buses, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The bill passed the House following a lengthy discussion that culminated in a 65-45 vote, with four members voting present.

The bill was one of a dozen concealed-carry measures taken up by the House, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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