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“The kids love it because we put out things they’ve never heard before,” Pentz said.

Pentz and label staff were learning on the job Thursday as they marveled over videos starting to pile up on YouTube for a song called “Harlem Shake” by Baauer. It was released last May, but for some reason began catching on 24 hours earlier. Some of the videos featured entire offices dancing to the music and had hundreds of thousands of views already.

And each video that showed up Thursday proved they were on to something.

“So we gave away music and it gave us the opportunity to sign more (artists) and publish more records so we could make our money on a label signing it or a movie picking it up. That’s where it is,” Pentz said. “I just see record sales continually declining. … The levee’s broken and they’re fixing it with Band-Aids.”

The ride takes him to the Staples Center on Sunday where he’s nominated for his work with Usher, Snoop, Santigold, No Doubt, Wale, Bieber and Alex Clare, among others.

The trophy’s kind of beside the point. The real victory is already at hand.

“For me, I just get to see all those other artists who have to pay attention to me because everybody’s got to pay attention for a minute,” Pentz said. “That’s the only thing that’s cool right now.”




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