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If the name “Redskins” was a hot-button word at the forum, the name Snyder elicited equal passion.

“I am at a loss to fathom, why not change the name if you’re Dan Snyder?” asked Dave Price, a retired teacher living in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington.

Jay Winter Nightwolf, the host of WPFW-FM radio’s program “The American Indian’s Truths,” said the problem is with Mr. Snyder. “Under no circumstances will he eat crow.”

“I think it’s about the almighty dollar,” he added.

Jody TallBear, a lawyer from Columbia, Md., said fans who wear the jerseys and hats are choosing to be ignorant.

“I think there’s enough out there,” she said. “It’s about personal responsibility. If people aren’t getting it at this point, they’re choosing not to get it.”

At least one fan said he changed his ways based on Thursday’s forum.

Grinning sheepishly, 20-year-old Andre Holland, an Anne Arundel Community College student, said he came to the museum on a field trip with his class and cluelessly wore his Redskins hat.

“When I walked in here, people were staring at me with my cap on,” he said. “I thought this was something good, but this Native American man came up to me and said, ‘I’m offended.’” Mr. Holland said just hours earlier he was tweeting about why it wasn’t fair to have to change the name, but after listening to the plight of so many American Indians, “it woke me up.”