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In another clip, Mr. Youssef asks whether Egyptians created a revolution to remove a dictator and bring in another one. That came after Mr. Morsi issued power-grabbing decrees that placed him above judicial oversight. The decrees allowed him to shield the Islamist-dominated assembly that was drafting the constitution from the Supreme Constitutional Court, which was set to rule on its legitimacy.

Mr. Youssef, 38, is one of Egypt‘s most popular TV presenters, with 1.4 million fans on Facebook and nearly 850,000 followers on Twitter, just shy of the president’s number of followers.

Also Tuesday, police said they had arrested a suspect in a shooting that seriously wounded a protester in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, where an open-ended sit-in protesting the Morsi regime is taking place.

According to witnesses, before dawn on Monday gunmen shot and wounded 19-year-old Muhanad Samir, who has said he was jailed and tortured under Egypt‘s former ruling military council after he witnessed the killing of another activist. Lawyers say the attacked appeared to target Mr. Samir, who is battling for his life with pellets embedded in his head.

Security officials dismiss allegations that Mr. Samir was the victim of a political assassination. On Tuesday, they said they had arrested the owner of a cafe in downtown Cairo who told police that he fired on the square after people manning makeshift checkpoints there searched his car and shot at him. The officials spoke anonymously in line with regulations.