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Hunte claimed to live in solitary confinement 23 hours each day because of the case’s high profile.

“I haven’t hug [sic] or kiss my family for almost 3 years,” Hunte wrote, “the closest I get to them is a glass window, but I have noone [sic] to blame but self.”

Hunte declined to address several items because of the ongoing case. As part of the plea agreement, he will testify against the four other defendants.

A message to Hunte’s attorney, Reginald Mathis, wasn’t returned.

As cursive writing wound toward the end, Hunte considered the future. He wants to write a book. He hopes better days are ahead.

“At this point I feel like if I ever want to be back in society, the change starts now,” Hunte wrote, “and that’s how I live from now on by surrounding myself with positive things at all times.”