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Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich doesn’t think the focus of his life would be that much different if Bill Clinton hadn’t showed up at his cabin door with soup and crackers during a bout of seasickness in the early 1960s.

The Sundance Film Festival documentary “Inequality for All” features Reich discussing problems and solutions for the economic disparity between the super-rich and average Americans.

The film includes a recollection of how Reich met Clinton when both were picked as Rhodes scholars to study at Oxford in England. On the voyage over, Reich became ill and wound up sticking to his cabin _ until Clinton came knocking. Clinton introduced himself and offered chicken soup, saying he heard Reich was under the weather.

Thirty years later, Clinton hired economist Reich as his labor secretary.

How different would Reich’s life be if Clinton hadn’t come calling?

“I certainly would have stayed in my cabin sick a couple of days longer,” Reich said in an interview Monday.

“But it’s a hard question. I would have done much of what I’ve done. Perhaps not spent four years as a Cabinet secretary, but the trajectory of my work in economics and politics about issues having to do with employment and who gets what, enabling people to get ahead, that was there long before Bill Clinton came on my scene in terms of offering me a job as labor secretary.”

_ David Germain