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A play about a roller derby sounds less insane when you hear Jones explain that he grew up in the late 1970s and early `80s watching the Los Angeles Thunderbirds on TV at night before bed. It was like watching professional wrestling on skates.

“You buy into it. Like anything else. You know it’s kind of fake but about 65 minutes into it, you kind of forget it,” he recalls. “You’re like, `Go get `em! Go get `em!’”

That actually pretty well describes “The Jammer,” too, a work that was originally written in a “three-week fever dream” and now proudly attracts “misfit toys whenever it arrives in town.”

“It ain’t a play for everybody, but there’s some bit of eye candy for everybody,” he says. “It’s 85 minutes. If you don’t like these 10 minutes, just wait two more and there’ll be something else.”




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