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“This spring my home state of Wyoming saw $53 million in royalty funds disappear right before their eyes,” Ms. Lummis said. “This is just another example of what has become a bad habit in Washington: raiding Wyoming’s coffers to cover federal spending.”

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead had explored the possibility of filing a lawsuit, but he decided against it after seeking the advice of the state’s attorney general, spokesman Renny MacKay said.

“Everybody’s looking at every possibility on this and will continue to do so,” Mr. MacKay said.

Sean Paige, deputy director of AFP-Colorado, said he was hopeful that other states would pursue legal action.

“Now, our attorney general is on record denouncing the administration’s royalty ripoff,” said Mr. Paige in a Thursday statement. “It’s timefor action. We have to slap the cuffs on these guys and return the funding to its rightful owners.”