- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes America’s free system of government and constitutional Democratic-Republic just make it too hard for the president to properly do his job, suggested Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Wednesday.

At a Politico “Playbook Cocktails” event, Mr. Gates was asked about Mr. Obama’s job performance. His answer, The Daily Caller reports: “Some days, I wish we had a system like the U.K. where, you know, the party in power could do a lot and you know, you’d see how it went and then fine, you could un-elect them.”

He also said that on “some days” he wished American’s government were shaped more along the lines of England, to allow the president “slightly more power,” The Daily Caller reported.

Mr. Gates, who was on Capitol Hill to speak primarily about polio eradication, Politico reported, said “slightly more power in the presidency [could] avoid some of these deadlocks.”

Mr. Gates also spoke briefly on the topic of immigration — and the need to open doors wider for skilled professional workers via green cards — and on running Washington’s political system more like a business.



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