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State Sen. Evie Hudak tried to debunk Ms. Collins’ account, arguing that “chances are that if you had had a gun then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.”

Mrs. Hudak also said that “for every one woman who used a handgun in self-defense, 83 were murdered,” although the figure’s accuracy was later challenged by The Denver Post. The Democrat subsequently issued an apology, saying in a statement that she “didn’t mean to be insensitive.”

The exchange fueled a fresh outcry among gun-rights advocates and conservative women’s groups, who accused Democrats of caring more about supporting a national gun-control agenda than allowing Colorado women to protect themselves.

Senate Republicans groused throughout Friday’s floor session about the national influence on the state gun-control debate. Vice President Joseph R. Biden called Democratic legislators in February to push the bills, while Mayors Against Illegal Guns, founded by New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, has been active in lobbying and advertising in favor of the gun-control measures.

“The Bloomberg dysfunctional hit parade just keeps coming,” said Mr. King during Friday’s debate.