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The list goes on.

After Yocum’s death became public Tuesday, tributes flowed in from everyone from commissioner Bud Selig to superagent Scott Boras. But what will last, more than emailed statements and tweets of regret and sentimental memories, are the players Yocum helped heal. The ones who can pitch inning after inning, who can still swing a bat or run the bases became the doctor fixed them.

No, Yocum didn’t rate a prospect on the 20-to-80 scale, negotiate a free-agent contract or fill out a lineup card. He made those things possible as he kept careers and dreams alive. One of the giant-headed racing presidents may draw more attention from the average fan. But Yocum’s work healing baseball’s wounded was subtle — even anonymous to many outside baseball. But every time Strasburg or Zimmermann takes the mound, the doctor will be there, too.