- The Washington Times - Friday, May 31, 2013

Learning how to forgive — it’s just one of a handful of classes congressional staffers are entitled to take during Capitol Hill work hours, and that has at least one senator steaming.

A tax-paid course gives stressed-out staffers the opportunity to: “Come learn the art of forgiveness. Learn how to ‘let go’ and move on,” a flier said, The Daily Caller reported.

The course will also teach the “definitions of grudge and forgiveness, consequences of holding a grudge, practical steps to forgiving and moving on,” in webinar format, The Daily Caller said. They’re offered through the Senate Employee Assistance Program.

A spokesman for Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn said the class is yet one more example of government waste.

“Why should taxpayers pay for Senate staffers to use an hour of their workday to learn about forgiveness?” asked spokesman Aaron Forbes, in The Daily Caller.

In a recent letter to Speaker of the House John A. Boehner, Mr. Coburn pointed out other examples of government waste — one, a class for staffers on how to generate small talk in social situations, and another, a class for staffers on how to eat healthy, The Daily Caller reported.



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