- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CNN’s Jake Tapper took to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, Monday night to talk to protesters about the shooting death of Michael Brown, but a sign reading “ISIS Here” held by an unidentified man got viewers’ attention instead.

The acronym is one used for the Islamic State terrorist group.

“Why is tonight so thankfully quiet and peaceful? What is different about tonight than previous nights?” the the CNN reporter asked Adrian Anderson, a former police officer from St. Louis, while the banner waved behind him.

“I think what’s different about tonight after meeting with community leaders and organizers and talking with police officers we have tried to set up a strategic peace plan so the people could freely march and their voices be heard,” Mr. Anderson replied, adding that the city needed more community policing.

On Twitter, TribeLive reporter Salena Zito posted “‘ISIS here’ sign behind @jaketapper is chilling.”

“Why is there a sign that says ISIS HERE? Either that was intentional or that was unfortunate,” tweeted user Daniel Baggett, the Blaze reported Tuesday. Buzzfeed reporter Miriam A. Berger later confirmed the sign’s authenticity.



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