- The Washington Times - Monday, January 6, 2014

Spirit Airlines is known for jumping into the political debate with its irreverent advertising and it certainly wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity like marijuana legalization in Colorado slip by.

“The no smoking sign is off,” an advertisement on the airline’s website reads. “Get Mile High with $10 off your next flight. Fares so low they’re barely legal in some states.”

On the offer’s landing page, Spirit says, “If you want to make a beeline for Colorado right now, we don’t blame you — but we’re up to take you to plenty of chill destinations. … Book today … and be sure to pack some munchies.”

Americans who are 21 and older are now permitted to purchase recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Spirit has been known to push the envelope with some of its ads. In 2011, Spirit capitalized on the Anthony Weiner Twitter photo scandal by offering “The Weiner Sale: With Fares Too HARD To Resist.”

In 2012, the airline capitalized on the U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal by offering “More Bang for your Buck” for flights to Cartagena, Colombia.

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