- The Washington Times - Monday, November 3, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz — never one to stand shyly in the political corner in the first place — has vowed to don boxing gloves, rally his GOP colleagues and take on President Obama and his progressive politics directly if the Senate goes Republican this Tuesday.

At the same time, Mr. Cruz said to The Washington Post that he wasn’t promising he would support Mitch McConnell in any rise from Minority Leader to Majority Leader.

But front and center would be “looking at the abuse of power, the executive abuse, the regulatory abuse, the lawlessness that sadly has pervaded this administration” under Mr. Obama, he said, Newsmax reported.

Mr. Cruz also hasn’t forgotten about Obamacare and vowed that he would press his Senate colleagues to repeal the health care law — just as the House has tried more than 50 times. Mr. Cruz also said he’d be amenable to a piecemeal approach to dissect Obamacare, if the repeal plan wasn’t palatable to his Senate mates, Newsmax reported.

The tough-talking Texan also said the time has come for Republicans to quit going moderate.

“At some point, after Gerald Ford and Bob Dole and John McCain and Mitt Romney … we shouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again,” he said, The Post reported.



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