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Russians are furious at First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov after charges that public funds had been misappropriated from Moscow's city budget to his personal properties for improvements. (Associated Press)

Tales of official excess, now on social media, spur popular fury in Russia

As millions of ordinary Russians struggle to make ends meet, the unashamedly opulent lifestyles of wealthy government officials are sparking increasing anger and resentment. And social media is bringing to light examples of high living once shielded by high gates and shaded car windows.

(Associated Press/File)

Congress must kill ‘zombie programs’ eating away at budget

Each year, Congress appropriates funds for programs that were never authorized or whose authorizations have long since lapsed. These “zombie programs” continue to operate with little to no oversight or evaluation and cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars annually for activities that in some cases have outlived their usefulness and original intent.

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FBI Director James B. Comey said investigators found 110 email chains that had classified material at the time Mrs. Clinton sent or received them through her secret server, and seven of those included information deemed to be the highest-level "special access program" data. (Associated Press)

FBI recommends no charges for Clinton

- The Washington Times

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's secret email account may have broken laws governing handling of classified information, but it's unlikely a prosecutor could make the charges stick, FBI Director James B. Comey said Tuesday, ending his yearlong investigation into the Democratic presidential candidate.