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HAZARDOUS: Fort McClellan in Alabama was the site of the only military facility in the U.S. to use live chemical weapons such as sulfur mustard and nerve agents. (Associated Press)

Pentagon puts budget concerns ahead of Fort McClellan troops' welfare

- The Washington Times

Putting budget concerns ahead of troop welfare, a top Obama administration appointee declared to Congress that the Pentagon doesn't want to spend the money to alert hundreds of thousands of soldiers who served at a once-contaminated Army base that they may have been exposed to toxins.

The Golden Hammer

Army Corps dumps $7M into defective Afghan plant

- The Washington Times

According to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the United States has shelled out more than $7.2 million to construct a defective power plant and wasted another $1.3 million building two gas stations that have never been used.