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Drug Enforcement Administration telecommunications specialist Glen Glover leaves court in New York, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. were arrested Wednesday on charges they flouted their duties by running a lucrative strip club in New Jersey where prostitution was captured on security video.  (AP Photo/Larry Neumeister)

DEA agents accused of helping run New Jersey strip club

- The Washington Times

A former Drug Enforcement Administration special agent and one of the agency’s information technology specialists were arrested Wednesday on charges of trying to conceal their ownership of a New Jersey strip club which employed illegal immigrants.

(Associated Press) **FILE**

Pentagon waste: $1M spent at strip clubs, casinos

- The Washington Times

One Navy petty officer managed to spend six times his allotted per diem at strip clubs using his official government travel charge card, according to a new Pentagon audit Tuesday that found Defense Department employees made more than $1 million in bogus charges at strip clubs and casinos in just one year.

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber raised suspicion during his re-election campaign when he shut down the state's health care exchange. (Associated Press)

Kitzhaber scrapped workable Oregon health exchange for political benefit

- The Washington Times

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber was told in early 2014 that the Obamacare state health care exchange his administration spent $305 million building could be made operational. But his administration chose instead to scrap the project and seek a scapegoat to keep the fiasco from harming his re-election, according to evidence turned over to congressional investigators.

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Congress keeps funding overbudget plutonium site with no real customers

- The Washington Times

This week the House approved over $300 million for a Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility at Savannah River in South Carolina as part of U.S. nuclear nonproliferation efforts, despite calls from watchdog groups to gut a program that has fallen far behind schedule, exceeded its budget and has no real customers.

Liberals' petri dish laid bare in Baltimore

All the mayhem unfolding in Baltimore is nothing short of an unspeakable American tragedy. Laid bare are the failures of cradle-to-grave social policies held so dear by politicians in both parties, but embraced and celebrated most lustily by Democrats.