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Banning diesel: German court ruling lets cities ban older cars using dirty fuel

A German court poured a bucket of cold water on Europe's long love affair with diesel power Tuesday, clearing the way for cities in the country that invented diesel technology to ban older, dirtier cars from their urban cores, and perhaps eventually from across the Continent.

"This morning, we had a very positive and productive meeting on fixing the broken [ethanol] system. I commend President Trump for bringing the two sides together and for leaning in hard to find a win-win solution that benefits both Iowa farmers and blue-collar refinery workers," said Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican. (Associated Press/File)

Cruz hails 'productive meeting' with Trump on reforming federal Renewable Fuel Standard

- The Washington Times

Key senators left a White House meeting Tuesday with no concrete resolution on the future of federal ethanol policy, but critics of the Renewable Fuel Standard suggested they're slowly pulling President Trump to their side and expect to reach a deal that benefits their allies in the oil industry in the coming weeks. "We made real progress, and, with the president's leadership, I believe we are close to solving the problem," said Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican.

Ethanol, oil industries find common enemy in electric cars

- The Washington Times

Even as they're locked in a bitter, high-stakes battle over the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, the ethanol and oil industries each say they need to put aside differences and work together to prepare for an existential threat to both of their futures: electric cars.

Sen. Ted Cruz has become public enemy No. 1 for the ethanol industry. He's held up federal nominees over his opposition to the national biofuels mandate.
talks with a reporter as he gets on an elevator on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) (Associated Press)

Cruz battles ethanol industry over national biofuels mandate

- The Washington Times

SAN ANTONIO | As ethanol leaders meet here in the heart of his home turf, Sen. Ted Cruz has emerged as Washington's leading critic of the industry, holding up federal nominees over his opposition to the national biofuels mandate, lambasting the sector in fiery Senate floor speeches, and leading a coalition of oil-friendly lawmakers to the Oval Office in hopes of weakening the Renewable Fuel Standard.