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'Letters to Donald Trump' Winning Team Publishing (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Letters to Trump’

Decades before he became the most powerful man on Earth, former (and likely future) President Donald Trump was an influential person, popular with reporters and celebrities alike.

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Book excerpt: Big Tech, Democrats work to stifle opinion, destroy competition

Competition in the marketplace of ideas is based on quality, on evaluation, on free and unfettered exchange with whatever communication methods are available. Recently, however, as Big Tech companies consolidate power and influence our leaders, America is now a place where too often opinions are stifled or labeled "dangerous." Public and private figures are silenced and even banned from digital platforms.

'The Next Time I Die'  by Jason Starr (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Next Time I Die'

Dying was only the beginning. Stephen Blitz didn't think about his own safety when he saw the man trying to force a woman into his car. He stepped in to defend her and got a knife to the gut for his troubles.

The New Abnormal by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty (book cover)

Vaccine propaganda and coercion

In their enthusiasm to rollout the novel covid vaccines as widely and quickly as possible in early 2021, the public health establishment succumbed to two dangerous temptations: Propaganda and coercion.

Illustration on "Letter to the American Church" by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

BOOK REVIEW: 'Letter to the American Church'

Like the German church in the 1930s, the American church in the 2020s is culpable for the pending devastation of human life and the collapse of a great nation.