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Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna, a columnist for The Washington Times, is the president of MWR Strategies. He was most recently a deputy assistant to the president and deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs at the White House.

Articles by Michael McKenna

Handful of indicators suggest Trump can win

We have yet to hear a single responsible adult come right out and say that Joseph R. Biden will be the next president. Why? Because even at this late date, there are several indications that President Trump still has a chance to win. Published October 21, 2020

Illustration on Joe Biden's calls for action on the pandemic by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Were COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns worse than doing nothing?

One of the more informative moments of last week's debate was Sen. Kamala Harris's inability to identify anything that Biden would have done differently than Trump with respect to the coronavirus. Published October 11, 2020

Illustration on the anniversary of the PNTR bill by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

Normalizing trade with China back in 2000 was a colossal mistake

Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of arguably the worst congressional vote in this century. On that day in 2000, the Senate approved Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with the People's Republic of China by a vote of 83-15. Published September 11, 2020

Texas Ballot Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Team Trump needs to pay more attention to Texas

For the first time since 1976, the sovereign republic of Texas is a toss-up in the presidential election, although you would never know it by the way the campaigns are acting. Published September 4, 2020

Don't lose confidence in the election process illustration by The Washington Times

Don't lose confidence in the election process

As we suffer through the most dismal and discouraging campaign cycle in recent memory, it is crucial to remain focused on why we fight and struggle to find the right course. Published August 26, 2020

Ronald Reagan illustration by Alexander Hunter / The Washington Times

Reagan changed the world at 1976 GOP convention

Ronald Reagan, who had just lost a tough primary battle to President Ford, was invited by Mr. Ford to give an impromptu address to the delegates. He responded with the greatest speech in the history of conventions. Published August 19, 2020

The Death of the Legislative Branch Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Death of the legislative branch: Presidents now make laws

In the wake of President Trump's somewhat aggressive executive orders on payroll taxes and unemployment payments this month, it is probably wise and useful to think about the nature of precedent. Published August 14, 2020