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Bring commandments back

There are laws and policies now on the books that suggest people should do whatever they wish. To make such “free choice” possible, there has been some trashing of God’s Ten Commandments, morality, tradition, true marriage, solid family structure necessary for a civilized society and more. And there is considerable division and hatred, too.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Biden's many blunders

0 minutes ago

As an independent voter, I believe that the Democrats have turned politics into raw sewage that stinks to high heaven. Watching President Biden's continuous blunders and missteps should tell everyone to be very weary of our downfall as a society.

Much to celebrate in Jerusalem

Israelis, not "ultranationalists," hold parades every year to celebrate the 1967 reunification of Jerusalem after 16 years of illegal Jordanian occupation ("Palestinian balloons, Israeli strikes test peace," World, A9, June 17).

Biden team rhetoric helps our enemies

Two months prior to the recent start of the G-7 summit in Cornwall, England, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, President Biden's hand-picked ambassador to the United Nations, made disparaging remarks to the National Action Network about her country ("Biden U.N. ambassador blasts U.S., rips 'White supremacy' within 'founding documents and principles,' Web, April 14).

Keep more fish in the oceans

This Sunday is Father's Day. While most of the country might be celebrating with baseball and burgers, I'm taking a decidedly different approach: I'm going "fishing." But not the kind of fishing you're thinking of.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Actually, we're not all bigots

Black Africans were rounded up by other Black Africans and Arab Muslims and transported under poor conditions to the United States by Europeans, then sold as slaves. Over hundreds of years many people suffered the horrible effects of slavery. Today we hear that all Whites are guilty and there is systemic racism in our society.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Left quickly destroying our costly freedom

Millions of voters are fed up to the hilt with the lack of government representation. We are told by our Representatives, both federal and state, that if we're dissatisfied we should vote them out. Well, we tried and the result was a fraudulent election the pundits say we must accept because our Constitution doesn't provide the means to overturn it.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The 'woke' want only destruction

I have enjoyed exploring and looking at many of Europe's old buildings, gardens, art and statues. I have also learned, through the continent's deliberate preservation of the terrible landmarks of the Holocaust, how humankind must never again allow such hatred to take root. Yes, having lived in Luxembourg and Germany I have seen much of it. Yet I've seen also that Europe takes pride in its various cultures, even with the scars of two world wars on its lands.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Who's really in charge?

There is a lot of talk about election fraud and questions about whether President Biden is our legitimate president. As the results of the election audits start to come in those questions will become more and more important and peoples' anger levels will rise.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Sliding into socialism

The happenings detailed in yesterday's front-page article, "Troops get reading lists for books on critical race theory," are more than alarming because they promote divisiveness and destroy unit morale and cohesion.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Adding insult to injury

I'm reading that at the tail end of a pandemic and in the midst of a severe border surge, President Biden's Department of Homeland Security has formally announced plans to reallocate $2.2 billion of funding for the construction of the border wall on the U.S. Mexico border ("DHS 'legally required' to spend Trump's border wall money, officials say," Web, June 11).

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 'Liberty, justice' leave some behind

Former Wisconisn Gov. Scott Walker's interpretation of the meaning of Flag Day misses the essence of our Pledge of Allegiance, which each of us has taken hundreds of times ("Reaffirming a devotion to freedom this Flag Day," Web, June 10). In my view it is a pledge to the idealism inherent in that for which the the flag stands: "the republic," "one nation", "under God" and "indivisible" and "with liberty and justice for all." Unfortunately, since its creation, "We the People" have never kept the last phrase of that pledge. And today we are increasingly divided -- forming a less perfect union.