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Stop arguing, start protecting

We are all wrestling with the tragedy and evil that came to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last week. As a citizen and parent, I’d ask our leaders in the school system to focus on reality, not on theory or wishes. In the childlike part of our souls, most of us would love to live in a world without evil, but that is not the world in which we live.

Legislators must act on guns now

As a retired school superintendent and former high-school principal, I was sickened by the images from the school shooting in Florida last week. As we all retreat into our respective positions regarding guns in America, I pose one question: Is change needed or do we accept the periodic slaughter of our fellow citizens? When we are unable to act on the most obvious of problems, we should never be expected to respond to more complex challenges.

New gun laws mean fewer rights

Before we pass any new gun laws there are a few questions to be answered. Which crimes have the already-passed gun laws stopped and which crimes will the new laws stop? What will we do differently to enforce these new laws?

Wrong amendment cited

The debate over gun control versus gun rights has been perverted beyond belief. This conflict has absolutely nothing to do with the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Anyone who knows anything about the history of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights knows that the Second Amendment was about citizens having the right to bear arms and confront an oppressive government, as the colonists did against the British.

Why is ‘waqf’ not in discussion?

Kudos to Clifford D. May for identifying some of the issues preventing resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (“Why peace can’t be processed now,” Web, Feb. 13). He touches upon the biggest stumbling block: a rigid Islamic ideology, which receives little or no attention and should be part of the discussion.

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Hearing on gender informative

Other than to report a he-said-she-said exchange between one legislator and one witness, your Feb. 9 article on a hearing in the Maryland General Assembly ("Maryland explores 'unspecified' gender option for driver's license applications," Web) raised but did not really discuss a matter very important to many Marylanders. The hearing delved deeply into gender-related issues, and a video of it is posted on the Maryland.gov website. The testimony, which begins at the 9:10 mark, is followed by 45 minutes of informative give-and-take between the first three witnesses (two of whom are medical doctors) and several Republican legislators.

Condemn left's anti-Trump moves

Democrats, liberals and the mainstream media were united to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican primary, the 2016 election and the necessary electoral college votes, but they did not succeed — and now Mr. Trump is the 45th president. Still, the left has relentlessly persisted in trying to weaken the Trump presidency and has provided information it knew to be false in an attempt to remove Mr. Trump from office. These actions must be condemned.

Obamas' painter pick, a racist

The unveiling of the Obamas' official portraits this week rightfully has generated the criticism this racist couple richly deserves ("Official Obama portraits unveiled at National Portrait Gallery," Web, Feb. 12). To commission a painting of Mrs. Obama by artist Kehinde Wiley, who has painted pictures of black women holding the severed heads of white women is outrageous and reveals the double standard of decency acceptable to liberals and the mainstream media.

End Congress-pharma collusion

It is becoming more and more difficult to read media coverage of the skyrocketing cost of prescription medications. Just a little digging and research reveals the reason for this price surge: Congress has a law on the books that "prohibits" the government and Medicare from negotiating prices with major drug companies.

Stop Iran now

Last weekend, with the infiltration of a drone into Israeli airspace, we saw a blatant and provocative move from the Iranian regime. In response, Israel launched military strikes in Syria. For years now Iran has been expanding its tentacles in the Middle East, and it is only growing stronger.

Time for term limits

Watching the stone-faced Democrats sitting on their hands during President Trump's State of the Union address prompted me to conclude that their wish is for bad things to happen to the country while Mr. Trump and the Republicans are in control.

Labs shadows of former selves

Kudos to Peter Pry for pointing out the need to clean house at the Department of Energy, and to The Washington Times for publishing his op-ed ("Dereliction of duty at the Department of Energy," Web, Feb. 7).

In U.K., killer NHS beyond reproach

Donald Trump is sadly right about the financial bankruptcy, management chaos and appalling treatment of patients in the British National Health Service ("British officials condemn Trump remarks on U.K. health care," Web, Feb. 5). The NHS kills thousands every year due to misdiagnosis, delayed detection of cancer and failed operations.

End to gerrymandering?

In "Court allows Pennsylvania to redraw GOP-favored district map" (Web, Feb. 5), you report that the Supreme Court is considering a number of district-redrawing cases. It shouldn't have to consider any. There ought to be a law on the books, or an amendment to the Constitution, mandating a solution that ends these disputes permanently.

Group supports free expression

At the Open Society Foundations, we believe in recycling. But we were admittedly surprised to see how deeply The Washington Times apparently believes in it, too. How else to explain Rebecca Hagelin's Feb. 4 piece, "Disruption at home and abroad — follow the money: Part 1" (Web), which is built entirely on tired talking points about paid protesters that have been thoroughly debunked by multiple fact-checking outlets.