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Virus deaths higher in ‘blue’ states

President Trump has claimed that COVID-19 is a disease most severely infecting Democratic-voting states and districts. I decided that had to be refuted because it just did not make sense. I used an Excel spreadsheet focusing on deaths per million by state.

All know abortion is murder

When a woman has a miscarriage, it is a sad event. She tells family and friends, “I lost my baby. People are kind and sympathetic. When a pregnant woman is injured in an accident and the doctors can only save her life, they say, “We saved her life, but even though we tried as hard as we could, we could not save the child.” We are saddened when we hear of such events.

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Poor management to blame

Mayors and governors are blaming climate change for the massive wild fires throughout the West. It is insulting and clueless to propose new climate laws and regulations while fires are raging, thousands have been evacuated, hundreds have lost their homes and businesses, and too many souls have lost their lives.

Fill vacancy with conservative

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid famously said, after being questioned regarding having lied about Mitt Romney paying taxes, "Romney didn't win, did he?" Now President Trump has a chance to fill another Supreme Court seat and the Democrats are calling foul.

Parliament, not George, taxed us

I was impressed by Judge Napolitano's piece on James Madison and the Constitution ("Governor's authoritarian orders during pandemic ruled unconstitutional," Web, Sept. 16). In this case, however, Mr. Napolitano makes a serious error. He writes that the American Revolution was about "the British king because he taxed without representation " This is simply inaccurate and I would guess that Mr. Napolitano, upon reflection, would agree.

Election should focus on pandemic

As always, the rhetorical ability to set the agenda in the waning days of the presidential campaign will determine the outcome of the 2020 election. Yes, whether the president and Republicans try to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg before January is a serious issue, full of intrigue and speculation by political pundits and the media. Former President Clinton and others perceive this move as a power grab. It also exposes the hypocrisy of Republicans who set a clear precedent in 2016 by insisting that a Supreme Court selection should wait until the next president was selected by voters.

Left no friend to Jewish voters

American Jews are overwhelmingly liberal, and many take great pride in supporting political positions that are often inimical to their interests as Jews, both at home and in Israel. It is as though they believe sticking pins into effigies of themselves will win principled friends among those liberals who disdain their friendship.

Heed Taiwan on COVID-19

Due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, the general debate of the 75th session of the U.N. General Assembly is scheduled to convene virtually Sept. 22-26, and on Sept. 29. Now more than ever the high-level session should seriously consider Taiwan's success story in the pandemic and how Taiwan's international role may be played out more broadly in critical areas of worldwide coronavirus response.

Washington Mohawks?

Since it seems certain there has been no objection to "Seminoles," "Braves" or "Indians" as team names, why not call the Washington Football Team "the Mohawks" after the Mohawk tribe, which was indigenous to the East Coast? Alternatively, the team could be named after another East Coast tribe. That way the former Redskins could retain their logo and some of their traditions.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) lines up under center during the second half an NFL football game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Brian Westerholt)

A Panther goes down: For Luis Moreno Jr., principle is more important than profit

The corporate world of professional sports is a sad place these days. And perhaps it has always been so, but now the public is better attuned to the hypocrisy with which decisions are made. The National Basketball Association and Nike, for instance, are happy to provide a platform for the ugliest critiques of America, while happily ignoring the genocide their financial overlords, the Chinese, currently carry out on the Uyghur population.

Make IRS disclose compromises

So the IRS is not telling parents when their minor children's identities have been stolen ("Audit: IRS doesn't alert families of kids with stolen identities," Politics, Sept. 15). At best, the agency will tell parents that 'someone's' Social Security number has been compromised from their tax return. This is nuts and should be rectified by Congress right away. A law should mandate that the filer of the tax return be notified if any Social Security number on their return is compromised.

Waters wants total takeover

It seems the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters are now following the orders of Rep. Maxine Waters, who in 2018 shouted at her followers to let Trump supporters know "they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

Marxism -- or else

No one can deny that our democracy is under siege by the far-left, democratic socialist. If you don't believe me, just look at the pandemonium and insurrection taking place in our major cities under this 'mobocratic' rule. Mobocracy is burning our cities, damaging private and public properly, and destroying statues and the historical heritage of our country — all because some people hate America and want to replace democracy with Marxism.

Idiocy of NFL

I just finished reading the news that Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside a Los Angeles hospital chanting "We hope they die," referring to the two L.A. County sheriffs deputies who were shot by an assailant who apparently doesn't know how to properly wear a pair of trousers ("Police search for deputies' attacker," Page 1, Sept. 14).