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Left deserves Sanders

The Democrats deserve a Proto-Communist like Sen. Bernie Sanders as their likely presidential candidate. For decades the Democratic Party has flirted with and had an obsession with socialist and Marxist regimes.

Justice Roberts should resign

Not too long ago, Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked President Trump for Mr. Trump’s complaint about the bias shown by the Obama-appointed justices who constantly rule against him. Justice Roberts said that there were no “Obama judges or Trump judges,” only justices who do their duty honorably and without bias.

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Nurture precious potential

After decades as an instructor for college STEM courses, I am beyond despair over the potential of college students, supposedly our best and brightest, to continue defending and building upon the oldest democracy on Earth: America.

A barren Democratic field

After watching the blithering and blather of the Democratic candidates for president in Las Vegas, I am convinced there was zero leadership potential on that stage. Michael Bloomberg was dense and unprepared, but the most outrageous candidate of all was Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose mindless policies, ill-defined and opaque, would financially overwhelm American society with endless promises of free goods and services for everybody — except, that is, the wealthy, who would undoubtedly leave this country before the destruction of the Sanders policies were finalized.

Haven't heard last of Hillary

For love of God and country, do not be fooled by the demise of the Democrats, their squad of far-left decoys and diversions over the past three years, or the silly notion that Bill and Hillary Clinton are not conniving for the White House again in 2020.

Trump, not Obama, created boom

I find it laughable that former President Barack Obama is trying to take credit for the booming Trump economy ("Trump rips Obama's 'con job' after 'trying to take credit' for strong economy," Web, Feb. 18). In 2011, because the economy was so stagnant and doing so poorly, Mr. Trump was inspired to write a book titled, "Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again." In it he excoriated Mr. Obama's policies and offered up his own alternatives, which ultimately were adopted as the central tenets of his 2016 presidential "MAGA" campaign platform.

Vote for left is vote for discomfort

I am a 36-year-old wounded veteran who has only been 'back on my feet' for two years, when I was given an opportunity to have a job that provides me with more income than I ever had in previous jobs. More importantly, it has provided me a career.

Housing asylum seekers not an option

Some think a possible solution to the problem of inadequately housed would-be immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border is to divert a portion of foreign aid to the cause. Not on my dime, please. And were I a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, where taxpayer monies are allocated, I wouldn't vote to spend foreign-aid funds to house asylum seekers, either. History shows that such an altruistic entitlement program would escalate to an annual expenditure monster that would be difficult to control and impossible to terminate. Ayn Ryan would have a fit.

Stone sentence was too harsh

The Justice Department was right to disavow the prosecutors' draconian recommended sentence of seven to nine years of prison for Roger Stone ("EXCLUSIVE: Edwin Meese backs Trump's 'legal right' but says intervening in criminal cases not 'wise,' Web, Feb. 16). Even anti-Trump former prosecutors agree that sentence was excessive and have predicted that Judge Amy Berman Jackson will likely impose a lower sentence.

The enemy is us

Sometimes, reading the headlines, one would think America is being taken over by a foreign enemy. But turning on the news one sees that the enemy is not foreign.

Consequences of evaded reality

I was 16 in 1979 when Russia invaded Afghanistan. My father told me to avoid conscription at any cost, as my life in Afghanistan, unlike in Eastern Europe, wouldn't be worth an hour's purchase. In 1981 I joined St. Petersburg University, where a professor said not every country is "democracy material."

Spare a dime?

I appreciated Wendy Young's "Deeply flawed Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) causes suffering at the U.S.-Mexico border" (Web, Feb. 8). However, the piece implies that the Americans are the bad guys. Wrong. How about offering a solution to the problem rather than pointing fingers?

Popular vote constitutional

The headline "Virginia House approves bill to join National Popular Vote, to bypass Electoral College" (Web, Feb. 11) is misleading. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is not an "end run" on the U.S. Constitution, as is frequently claimed by its opponents.