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Gender irrelevant

Hillary Clinton still does not get it, and maybe she never will (“Hillary Clinton: Nancy Pelosi is proof ‘it takes a woman’ to get the job done,” Web, April 17). The race, gender, religion or ethnicity of the person does not matter. Neither does the political party.

Preach outside the choir

At this particular moment I do not prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders as the choice of the Democrats for president of the United States in 2020. I have not made up my mind about whom to support, and I won’t until more is known about each candidate. Nevertheless, as someone who has spent his career studying and teaching communication, I applaud Mr. Sanders’ decision to do a town hall this past Monday evening inside the Fox News bubble. Mr. Sanders is one of only a small number of Democrats thus far to do so. Eric Swalwell may be the only other to appear on Fox. This is significant rhetorically. A key principle in political communication is that candidates for public office may not be successful by exclusively preaching to the choir. Mr. Sanders has taken this to heart. Moreover, moving outside his comfort zone — to speak to an audience composed of many who do not share his political beliefs — appears to have been successful.

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Leadership sorely lacking

Over the past 11 years the House has been in session (i.e., to work) 142 days a year. That's 223 days off. The Senate has averaged 162 days of work a year, which is 203 days a year off.

Resign now

Though President Trump has been cleared by the Mueller report of any wrongdoing, the House and Senate are still causing problems, including mishandling the border crisis and continuing to go after the president and our allies. This country has real issues that won't be solved by the current Congress. The 535 members of both houses should make history and resign en masse, letting all new members fix the border crisis. Prior to resigning, all current hearings should be cancelled. The American people don't want the dysfunctional distraction that is our current government.

'Health care for all' a lie

"Waiting for surgery and medical treatment" (Web, April 11) is another so-called health-care-country comparison that completely misses the point. Whether it is Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or any of a number of socialized-medicine countries, all are abject failures when it comes to public health.

Barr doing his job

We finally have an attorney general who is standing up for the spirit and letter of the rule of law as required by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Nancy Pelosi and the unhinged Democrats are wrong when they say the William Barr is acting to protect the president and not the country. By protecting due process and the rule of law he is protecting the country and every citizen from the overreach and extra-constitutional behavior of the Justice Department, FBI and the national intelligence agencies and their political enablers.

Clean house in 2020

Congress must stop throwing away taxpayers' money. Lawmakers have carelessly driven us into $22-plus trillion (and growing) of debt while ignoring Congress' primary duty to secure the safety of the American people.

No more talking

Members of Congress have excelled in rhetoric over the need for a comprehensive border policy. The press has been collaborative in affording members free reign for discourse, but the time for action has long past. No member of Congress should be given consideration for rhetoric on the border unless he or she is willing to pledge actionable legislation in a bill.

Netanyahu victory a win for Trump

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu owing election victory to a coalition of conservative parties, the question of continuing settlements in Judea and Samaria has been resolved in the favor of continuation of this activity ("Netanyahu secures path to victory in Israeli election, although corruption allegations remain," Web, April 10). Whether the decision will sit favorably with the Trump administration and its support for Israel will become the uppermost concern that remains to be seen.

Let Venezuela be a warning

Venezuela is in crisis. Under the socialist regimes of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, a nation that in the 1950s was the wealthiest in South America, with vast oil reserves, is now in total poverty.

'Medicare for all' a scam

Thank you for listing the "Medicare for all" perpetrators in Monday's editorial ("Angling for a rematch," Web, April 7). I call them perpetrators because they're stealing the investment I've made in Medicare throughout most of my working life, as well as the good services I continue to pay for. The perps use the experience of the real Medicare to bribe younger voters into voting for the shoddy care and long waits that come with socialized medicine. Of course, the perps hide what their program will cost individuals and the taxpayers.

Leading done from the front

Former President Barack Obama "led from behind" because while he loved the trappings of leadership, he lacked the courage to stand up and show everyone which side of an issue or battle he was on. While a senator, Mr. Obama spent the better part of his career declaring himself "present," which he was, much like the drapes in the room.

Steinem's abortion deceit

What does Gloria Steinem's assertation that "Our ability, men and women, to make decision over our own bodies is the first step of democracy" have to do with abortion ("Below the belt: Gloria Steinem mocks 'flaccid' Trump at Planned Parenthood event," Web, April 4)? The matter of abortion comes down to a very simple question: At what point in a human being's development are other humans no longer allowed to kill him or her in the most horrible way imaginable? If you refuse to give an exact point in the human-development timeline and then logically defend that as being the time when a person gains the inviolable right to life, you're just being intellectually deceitful.

To left, lies just 'pre-truth'

Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is famous for having declared: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The liberal Democratic machine must surely have known that, because for the past two-and-a-half years they've been testing it. Sadly, however, Goebbels failed to say what happens when 'the big lie' is disproven, as in the case of the Democrats' mantra, 'Trump colluded with the Russians,' which was recently repudiated by the Mueller report. (Maybe that never happened in Nazi Germany, for they had "absolute" control of the justice system and even better control of the media.)