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Make Fonda pay for tweet

When a Democrat holds the office of the presidency, conservatives are warned not to personally attack the First Family, especially the president’s children. Pundits were warned not to attack Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls.

Opinion vs. truth

In their op-ed “Unearthing American evolution in Jamestown” (Web, June 20), Kym Hall and David Givens blithely quote Indiana Jones: “[A]rcheology is the search for fact, not truth.” Then they write, “Fact is something that cannot be changed while truth depends on a person’s perspectives and experience.” The two have defined “opinion,” not “truth.” The latter exists whether you believe it or not.

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Jews not allowed on own holy site

I appreciate that L. Todd Wood recognizes that the Jews are the only group in the Middle East to allow access to people of all faiths to pray in every holy place in Israel, and that President Trump is acknowledging the ancient bonds of the Jewish people and their ancestral land, Israel ("How and why Trump got it so right about Jerusalem," Web, June 14).

Trump right on tariffs

It is amazing how poorly informed U.S. citizens are when it comes to our institutionalized, supply-side trade and economic policy. The primary function of this system is to supplant domestic productivity with foreign imports and services, not to secure export markets. Disparaging comments about proposed tariffs causing possible trade wars are misleading and inappropriate ("Trump tariffs hit $50 billion of Chinese goods," Web, June 15).

'Separation law' already on books

When I tuned in to last Friday's Washington press briefing, I thought White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had fallen into a shark tank during a feeding frenzy. Playboy reporter and CNN contributor Brian Karem followed the usual bias of CNN's Jim Acosta and went ballistic over Ms. Sanders' response about following the law when it comes to the separation of children from the adults who accompanied them at the border (illegal intruders).

North Korea accord a 'duck'

In the forming of President George H.W. Bush's administration, budget director nominee Richard Darman indicated in a response during a Senate confirmation how he would know if there was a tax increase: "[I]f it looks like a duck, it's a duck." The recent Trump agreement made with North Korea in Singapore passes the 'duck test.' It is a terrible agreement that sacrifices key Asian allies and brings nothing to the safety of the world.

Trump running U.S. like business

The political left and its supporting media spend all their time bashing President Trump, who just shrugs it all off with a well-timed tweet, always spot-on and right between the eyes. While these professional do-nothings maintain their perpetual malfeasance, we have a president who is exceeding his goals. How is that possible?

Politics touches all

Charles Krauthammer is gifted with profound insight. In the introduction to his book, "Things That Matter," he explains that everything truly important (i.e., friends, family, happiness in general) is affected by and dependent on politics. To paraphrase: When the politics are right, the people prosper and flourish. When they are wrong, there is an ever-widening circle of destruction.

All hail Trump

The North Korea-United States deal is a great start for total denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the opening of North Korea for development of trade and the improvement of life for North Koreans ("Trump promises new era of peace after 'complete denuclearization' pledge," Web, June 12). The North Korean press hails President Trump as a great leader and praised Kim Jong-un for signing the agreement, which is described as a victory.

No morality without religion

Commentators have noted that in the late 1940s and 1950s, guns were ubiquitous in U.S. society — from rifle teams to gun clubs to hunting before and after school. Students brought their guns to school and turned them in to their coaches. People could simply walk into a hardware store and buy a rifle. Yet there were no school shootings. What happened between then and now?

Let all claimants challenge China

A series of Chinese missile systems have reappeared on a disputed island in the South China Sea, days after satellite imagery appeared to show they had been removed ("China pulls missiles from South China Sea island in possible nod to Trump," Web, June 10). China's ambitions to become Asia's undisputed regional hegemon is perhaps most evident in the South China Sea, as Beijing creates military bases along remote reefs and islands in a 1.5-million-square-mile expanse.

Wallace belongs at MSNBC

"MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace says GOP left her: 'This Republican Party is unrecognizable to me'" (Web, June 10) takes us back 10 years to when Ms. Wallace was a communications aide on Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. The vitriol she now spews about President Trump is like the hostility she showed to Mr. McCain's running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Krauthammer leaves too soon

It was with sadness that I read the announcement by Charles Krauthammer of his imminent death ("Krauthammer a classic, classy neoconservative intellectual — whether you agreed with him or not," Web, June 10). He is a man of conscience and a fighter for what he considers to be a worthy cause. With devastating logic, he has demolished the views of his opponents concerning both national and international affairs.

Zero tolerance for filth

It is truly a national disgrace when tastelessness and moral depravity can pass for humor and the overriding residual focus is only on the reaction and response by two television networks.

Colorado owes baker

Incredibly, the U.S. Supreme Court found in favor of a Christian baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for two gay men. What would the original court ruling have been if these gay men had tried to force a Muslim bakery to bake a wedding cake for their marriage? What would the Colorado court have done? I am sure they wouldn't have touched this issue.