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Brennan not being muzzled

Our Democratic political leaders, including our own Sen. Mark Warner and former Secretary of State John Kerry, as well as many in the press, who rail against President Trump for “penalizing” and taking away the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan free speech are being disingenuous to the American public (“John Brennan on Trump: ‘Claims of no collusion are, in a word, hogwash,’” Web, Aug. 16).

Brennan a traitor

As the maintream media questions President Trump’s decision to pull former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance, I question how a Communist and suspected Muslim convert was confirmed to the most secret job in the country (“Brennan first to fall as Trump kicks off review of Obama officials’ access,” Web, Aug. 15).

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Boot bad workers

Omarosa Manigault Newman is yet another example of someone who got caught abusing a government position and instead of admitting culpability and taking the consequences like a grown-up has decided to show the world she's a national security risk.

Media aren't doing their job

Is the press the enemy of the people? Well, we see hourly and daily that 90 percent of the mainstream press is the sworn enemy of President Trump, his administration and of their accomplishments.

Goodell unfit for job

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't got anything right on any subject, with any player, on any team ("Roger Goodell gets one right," Web, May 24). Everything he touches turns into an extended, drama-filled catastrophe.

Stop rewarding the mob

As a white man, I have grown weary of charges of toxic masculinity and worse. As a lifelong registered Democrat I am pained to write that the toxicity and harassment (with the possible exception of the commander-in-chief) appears to come from Democrats. ("UGA dean apologizes to Twitter mob congratulating GOP nominee Brian Kemp," Web, July 30).

No citizenship for law breakers

The lie that the federal judiciary is legislating constitutionally from the bench was exposed last Friday, when U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates ruled that the government must restart the DACA program ("Federal judge orders Trump admin to restart DACA program," Web, Aug. 3

Freebies would cost us dearly

Democrats have become unhinged with this mindset of free college tuition and health care for all, as they embrace the nonsensical philosophy of this socialist from the Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ("Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on upper-middle class, 'soccer moms': 'That's not America anymore!'" Web, Aug. 8).

Obama could fix Chicago

The murderous rage in Chicago is out of control. With hundreds of people killed each year and no relief in sight. Surprisingly blackonblack killings predominate, with only a few white-on-black police killings and random white killings of blacks. Mr. Obama's designated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was assigned to reduce the violence, but he has been ineffective. The killings continue unabated and Mr. Emanuel is expected to be ousted soon.

Democrats making no strides

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's estimation of our judicial system as being racist from top to bottom is apparently driven by the injustices her people suffered when they were vanquished ("Elizabeth Warren under fire for jab at 'racist' justice system," Web, Aug. 6). Alas, there's nobody alive to blame for the sins of the past. Besides, Ms. Warren is a United States senator — she's not living on a reservation, and it would be the height of cynicism to complain about that, wouldn't it?

Fact vs. opinion

One of the biggest challenges faced in the post-truth culture is ascertaining what constitutes a "fact" and what constitutes an "opinion." Whether one supports or opposes President Donald Trump, we should remember what philosophers and rhetoricians teach us — namely that there is an important epistemological difference between "facts" and "opinion."

Not buying 'satire' bit

In its sad defense of Sarah Jeong as a newly hired editorial writer, The New York Times expects we will believe its explanation of her in-your-face racism toward white people and hatred of police as "satire" designed to teach us white folk a lesson about our own misguided judgment of people based on their appearance ("NYT's embattled Sarah Jeong: President Trump is 'basically Hitler'," Web, Aug. 6). Gee, thanks "Gray Lady" and Sarah, but I'm not buying it. I know when I'm being manipulated and played for a fool.

Dellums will be missed

Ron Dellums was a family man, but it seemed that his family included just about everyone, regardless of race, religion or species ("California's fiery former congressman Ron Dellums dies at 82," Web, July 30). A former Marine and a member of Congress for 13 terms, to animals and their advocates, he was a hero.

Build the wall now

Congress should provide funding for a wall between the United States and Mexico. A wall would benefit everyone, including legal and illegal immigrants. Forcing all immigrants to enter the United States through a port of entry could ensure that they receive proper papers to obtain legal employment in the United States and be placed on the tax roles.