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Golden Hammer

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The Golden Hammer.

Golden Hammer: EPA kept sex offenders on staff

- The Washington Times

There are many reasons why an employer might sever ties with one of its employees, but apparently at the Environmental Protection Agency, breaking the law is not one of them. In fact, drug and child-sex offenders received paid administrative leave in two cases of the agency's use of administrative leave, which an audit called "unacceptable" and cost taxpayers over $1 million.

The Golden Hammer

Golden Hammer: $150 million spent on tests that torture animals, don't help humans

- The Washington Times

Science or sadism? The National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse and several other federal health agencies have handed out hundreds of millions of tax dollars on numerous studies to test the effects of recreational drug use on animals, torturing and killing countless mice, rabbits and monkeys with no apparent benefit to medical science, according to a new report from a watchdog group and animal rights organization.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz. (Associated Press)

DEA agents who hired prostitutes for 'sex parties' received bonuses, awards, time off: report

- The Washington Times

The latest inexplicable example of rewarding bad behavior emerged Thursday when it was revealed in a new watchdog report that several Drug Enforcement Administration agents who participated in sex parties with prostitutes received tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses, time off and other favorable personnel actions despite federal regulations barring them from receiving such perks.