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Does anyone really think Byrnes is going to tell Jeff Moorad, the team’s managing general partner who began scouting and signing ballplayers more than 20 years ago as an agent, what to do? Does anyone really think that 28-year-old Jon Daniels is going to tell Rangers owner Tom Hicks not to sign a player the owner covets?

Does anyone really think that former Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein could tell Larry Lucchino — who mentored Epstein, starting as an intern with the Orioles in 1992, and has been in baseball for 25 years — what to do when it came to baseball decisions? Please. That was what the whole breakup in Boston was about — who was really calling the shots.

If there are any potential Nationals owners drinking the Theo Kool-Aid, they need to swear it off now — unless they are going to get Mike Port, Bill Lajoie, Craig Shipley and Bill James in the deal as well. They were part of the support team that surrounded Theo the Red Sox GM.

If not, all you may be getting is a smart, decent 31-year-old young man. Better brush up on your Bill James abstracts.