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The door opened, and I warmly told the woman that I and many others were planning to loiter on her front porch, replicating what the ACLU approved in Woodbridge for illegal aliens.

Instead of telling me that she would have cookies, sodas and milk, her restrooms and chairs for the elderly waiting for the demonstrators, she seemed shocked, offended, outraged, distraught and confused.

The ACLU supports demonstrations at the burials of American servicemen and women. What will happen the first time we blow bugles and bang drums at the funeral of an ACLU member’s relative? Will the ACLU cheer and be there for us?

Because bullies back down when confronted, Hazleton will win.



Speak — and speak loudly

There may be a more detailed and sinister method behind the episodes of “Muslim uproar” and “Pope rage” than we have thought. We know they want us to “Just shut up,” but how (Op-Ed, Friday)?

Where Western speech is met with murder, violence and destruction displayed on global television, no matter how small the actual riot was, over time, the seeds are sown to avoid speech that triggers such rage — self-censorship. The technique has worked.

How many papers printed the famous Danish cartoons? How many in the press argued that the pope should give the Islamic extremists their point and apologize for his use of a 14th-century emperor’s quote implicitly criticizing Islam?

The aim of such psychological behaviorism is for the subject to internalize the need and desire to choose to speak and act according to externally imposed rules and values without thinking about the decision.

This is taught through punishment and reward. By using the televised Middle Eastern rage, violence and murder, Islamic extremists try to manipulate us from within, like mice in a cage.

Slowly but surely, the Islamic extremists really want the people in Western cultures to internalize the laws of Shariah — believing they should speak no word, print no picture nor behave in a way that is critical of the Islamic extremists and their worldview.

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