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Joe Blubaugh, director of communications for the health department, said the agency “simply collects information” and provides procedural assistance.

“We don’t make a judgment on the data that’s collected,” Mr. Blubaugh said.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, said the records showed that Dr. Tiller was “operating an illegal abortion racket designed to circumvent the law while giving the appearance of legitimacy.”

Mr. Morrison used “the weakest of the charges that could have been brought against Tiller,” she said.

“There is ample evidence to charge him with additional counts. … The current 19 charges allow Tiller to continue committing illegal abortions for frivolous reasons in violation of the law,” she said.

Mr. Kline said either house of the Kansas Legislature could force the attorney general to bring additional charges against Dr. Tiller. House Speaker Melvin Neufeld, a Republican, said he was pleased that Mr. Morrison brought charges. A spokesman for Mr. Neufeld said the Republican-controlled Legislature would look at proposed changes to Kansas’s late-term abortion law when it reconvenes in January.

The 19 new charges are the result of Mr. Morrison’s investigation using medical records subpoenaed by Mr. Kline. During the 2006 campaign, Mr. Morrison attacked Mr. Kline for using medical records to bring charges.

Mr. Kline claimed vindication.

“Kansas law needs to be enforced,” said Mr. Kline, and Mr. Morrison “needs to do his job.”