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The company denied the accusations and filed motions to dismiss the suits.

Mr. Brenneman, meanwhile, has reached out to franchisees and targeted their food and other costs. If he can cut food costs by 3 percent and coupon discount offers by 4 percent, Mr. Brenneman believes he can add $25,000 to $30,000 in profits for franchisees.

Quiznos hired a new advertising agency, Cliff Freeman and Partners, to produce edgier ads that showcase upscale food at a lower cost. Its marketing budget is about $80 million a year, Porter said, targeting adults looking for a step up from traditional fast food and young adults who have “gotten bored with chicken strips.” Mr. Brenneman and his team also are testing new products, such as flatbread and cold sandwiches.

He has met with franchise owners, delivers a weekly voice mail call to discuss operating developments and spends late-night hours answering franchisee e-mails. He also created a Web site to assist franchisees and plans to give each a free computer to help them with a new online ordering program.

“There’s unbelievable enthusiasm coming back into the system,” Mr. Brenneman said.

Several franchise owners said they are pleased that food and paper costs — a large part of their overall costs — have dropped and that discount coupons have been reduced.

One of them, Mr. DiSaverio, said his food costs today average between 28 percent and 29 percent of total costs, which he believes is in line with the general quick-service food industry. He buys his food from a Denver company approved by Quiznos that also sells products to other quick-service restaurants.

Mr. Tristano believes it will take time to show results but that Mr. Brenneman seems well-suited for the job. “As a chain they seem to be doing very well overall,” he said.

Attorney Mr. Klein is reserving judgment.

Mr. Brenneman’s management moves are positive, Mr. Klein said, but “whether or not any of the changes have been positive on the ground level — there’s some mixed feelings in that regards still.”