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Jackson wasn’t such a champion of due process and evidence when it came to the Duke lacrosse scandal.

“The Duke scandal should lead colleges across the country to hold searching discussions about racial and sexual stereotypes, exposing the myths that entrap so many. But it shouldn’t take the brutalizing of a mother of two to raise these issues. Justice must be pursued at Duke.”

He wrote that in a column long before due process took place and evidence was revealed.

Here’s some due process — Jesse Jackson and Barry Bonds deserve each other, two All-Star frauds.

Interviewed in the dugout after coming out of the All-Star Game Tuesday night, Bonds, referring to Hank Aaron’s refusal to be on hand when the home run record is broken, said, “Baseball should be a fraternity — if we don’t stand up for one another, who will?”

Yet three years ago, Bonds became the first member in the history of the players’ union to refuse to sign the players association group licensing agreement, which allows players to share the profits from trading cards, video games and other merchandising.

That’s brotherhood, baby.