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After more than an hour of debate during which each supervisor opined on the lack of federal support and the increasingly widespread problem of immigration, the resolution passed unanimously.

“I, for one, would be proud to stand up with our neighbors to the south and show support for them and show support for our citizens,” Mr. Staton said, adding that if enough localities take similar steps, perhaps the message will eventually be heard on Capitol Hill.

Earlier yesterday, the board also voted unanimously to send a letter to Herndon and Fairfax County officials expressing opposition to the continued operation of a partially taxpayer-funded day-laborer center in Herndon, widely thought to be used by illegal aliens.

“It”s a positive day for the people of Loudoun and the people of Virginia,” said Joe Budzinski, founder of Help Save Loudoun, an anti-illegal immigration group. “What Herndon did last year, what Prince William did last week and these two votes today are an indication that, at least in this section of the state, we”re beginning to take back our state one community at a time.”

Herndon residents last year ousted Town Council members who supported the day-laborer center.