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Operating the convertible top is simple and seamless. You simply press or pull a button on the console and everything happens automatically. It takes 12 seconds to drop the top and 15 seconds to raise it. Moreover, you don’t have to be stopped. You can operate the top while moving at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

In a clever bit of design previously seen on Toyota’s defunct MR2 roadster, the fabric top forms its own tonneau cover.

Inside, the TT features Audi’s new flat-bottom steering wheel, which tilts and telescopes. The seats are big, deep, supportive and comfortable, upholstered in leather on the test car.

Out back, there’s a small but usable trunk that can hold a couple of golf bags. For the winter, a pass-through allows the carrying of two pairs of skis, although they extend to the space between the front seats.

With the top down, the TT roadster is commendably free of cowl shake — that shuddering of the body and steering wheel over bumps that is the bane of some convertibles. A wind blocker makes conversation possible at highway speeds. Top up, the TT’s cabin exhibits little wind noise or resonating road and engine sounds.