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Dogfighting is an abomination

The gathering mountain of evidence against Michael Vick (“Vick indicted for dogfighting,” Sports, Wednesday) for his role in running a barbaric dogfighting ring and the slaughter of several dogs should sound alarm bells for officials. There is a close correlation between people who abuse animals and people who abuse other people.

If convicted, Vick should serve the full six-year sentence; his property where this barbarism took place should be seized, his $130 million contract with the National Football League should be rescinded, and he should be banned from the NFL for life.

The scourge of dogfighting could be ended tomorrow with a few simple laws, penalties and programs:

Make dogfighting in any capacity — whether it’s organizing, promoting or attending a dogfight — a felony with a 10-year minimum sentence with no possibility of parole.

Any property involved in dogfighting should be seized and forfeited.

Any illegal aliens involved in dogfighting should be deported immediately and banned from the United States for life.

The possession of any dogfighting manuals or fighting paraphernalia or Internet transmission of any material promoting dogfighting should carry penalties.

Fund a program to educate children that dogfighting is not a “sport” but a sick form of animal abuse carried out by sociopaths who have no place in civilized society.


Albany, N.Y.