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  • Senate report: Torture didn't lead to bin Laden; CIA disputes conclusion

    A Senate investigation concludes waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods provided no key evidence in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to congressional aides and outside experts familiar with a still-secret, 6,200-page report. The finding could deepen the worst rift in years between lawmakers and the CIA.

  • Former CIA probers urge new investigative panel

    The chief counsel and former staffers of a 1975 Senate committee that investigated CIA abuses are asking Congress and President Barack Obama to form a special panel to probe missteps by the nation's spy agencies.

  • In this March 11, 2014, photo, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. talks to reporters as she leaves the Senate chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 11, 2014, after saying that the CIA's improper search of a stand-alone computer network established for Congress has been referred to the Justice Department. For President Barack Obama, a public spat between his trusted ally at the CIA and a loyal Democratic senator has put into sharp focus his complicated role in managing the post-Sept. 11 anti-terror programs he inherited from George W. Bush. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Obama refuses to 'wade into' CIA-Senate fight between Sen. Feinstein, Brennan

    For President Barack Obama, a public spat between his trusted ally at the CIA and a loyal Democratic senator has put into sharp focus his complicated role in managing the post-Sept. 11 anti-terror programs he inherited from George W. Bush.

  • Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. leaves the Senate chamber on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 11, 2014, after speaking in support of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who accused the CIA of undermining congressional oversight and the separation of powers under the Constitution.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Senator: CIA improperly searched computer network

    The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee accused the CIA Tuesday of criminal activity in improperly searching a computer network set up for lawmakers investigating allegations that the agency used torture in terror investigations during the Bush administration.

  • Savvy: Christian Marrone helped send his father-in-law and former boss to prison and blamed the culture of south Philadelphia politics for his own actions. (DEFENSE.GOV)

    White House doubles down on Homeland aide tied to Pa. scandals

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a House subcommittee chairman, said that his investigators have begun reviewing how a key figure in a Pennsylvania corruption case landed the chief of staff's job at the Homeland Security Department.

  • Condoleezza Rice, who served as secretary of state in the George W. Bush administration, has spoken out about the situation in Syria, saying the U.S. should have intervened militarily and armed the rebels sooner. (Associated Press)

    Bashar Assad loses U.S. friends as Kerry, Hagel and Biden take Bush's stance on Syria

    The Obama national security team that wants to go to war with Syria and demonizes President Bashar Assad is the same group that, as senators, urged reaching out to the dictator.

  • **FILE** James Comey will be nominated by President Obama to replace FBI Director Robert Mueller. (Associated Press)

    Obama to officially nominate Comey for FBI

    President Obama on Friday will officially nominate James B. Comey to lead the FBI, a White House official said, tapping a former member of the Bush administration to oversee the country's top law enforcement agency at a time when it's facing new pressures over secrecy and snooping.

  • Republican Darrell E. Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has become a thorn in the Obama administration's side, investigating a series of scandals. (Associated Press)

    Rep. Darrell Issa's tough oversight part of a long tradition

    As congressional Republicans' chief investigator, Rep. Darrell E. Issa is following in the footsteps of his predecessors at the helm of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who often used the post to keep the pressure on presidents of the opposite party.

  • President Obama (center) walks out of the Oval Office of the White House with former Presidents Bill Clinton (left) and George W. Bush to deliver remarks in the Rose Garden in Washington on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010. Mr. Obama asked the former presidents to help with U.S. relief efforts in Haiti after the earthquake. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    Bush policies still alive in Obama White House

    President Obama came into office promising to be the opposite of George W. Bush, but after nearly five years as commander in chief, his policies are more like his Republican predecessor than he would care to acknowledge.

  • Models of a mock North Korea Scud-B missile (center) and other South Korean missiles are displayed at Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul on March 17, 2013. (Associated Press)

    U.S. missile defense plans will raise Korea tensions, China warns

    President Obama's decision to deploy additional missile interceptors at Alaska's Fort Greely reverses a decision he made in 2009 to scale back the number of active silos approved by President George W. Bush to blunt long-range nukes.

  • Bipartisan blows stand 
between Brennan and 
post at helm of CIA

    Republicans are suspicious of John O. Brennan's refusal to link the words "Islamic" and "terrorism" in the same breath as President Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser.

  • Hagel's foreign policy record could doom chances for top Pentagon post

    In his journey from conservative Republican to de facto Democrat, Chuck Hagel advocated several fundamental foreign policy positions while in the Senate that have not survived the test of history, an examination of his statements shows.

  • **FILE** Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with Indonesia's Foreign Minister R.M. Marty Natalegawa at the State Department in Washington on Sept. 20, 2012. (Associated Press)

    AP sources: U.S. to take Iran group off terror list

    The Obama administration will remove an Iranian militant group formerly allied with Saddam Hussein from the U.S. terrorism list, officials said Friday, describing a move that will infuriate Tehran and end years of high-profile campaigning from the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq.

  • Libyans search for documents inside Abu Salim Prison, Libya's most notorious prison during Col. Moammar Gadhafi's regime and the scene of a 1996 massacre of prisoners, in Tripoli, Libya, on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

    Rights group: Evidence of wider U.S. waterboarding

    Human Rights Watch said it has uncovered evidence of a wider use of waterboarding in American interrogations of detainees than has been acknowledged by the United States, in a report Thursday that details further brutal treatment at secret CIA-run prisons under the Bush administration-era U.S. program of detention and rendition of terror suspects.

  • Former President George W. Bush (AP photo)

    Democrats recall Bush more than GOP did

    While Republicans rarely brought up former President George W. Bush at their convention last week, Democrats gleefully have paraded him through theirs, saying he left President Obama a mess he's still working to clean up.

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